tunica-pokerTunica Poker is still going strong and we recommend anyone making a visit to Tunica to take advantage of some of the great rooms.

Games Offered:
Texas Hold ‘Em, 7-Card stud, and Omaha High-Low Split, and for the ultimate in no-limit action. ** Most rooms will mainly be offering HE and NLHE. We think you should call in advance to see if they are spreading the type of game you are looking for.

Poker Rooms:
Check our poker rooms for a list of all open rooms in Tunica.

Sample of Daily Tournaments in Tunica:
11:00 AM – $40 No-Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament
Gold Strike Tunica

1:00 PM – $35 No-Limit Hold’em Re-Buy Poker Tournament
Harrah’s Tunica

6:00 PM – $40 No-Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament
Hollywood Casino Tunica

6:00 PM – $60 Limit Omaha Hi Lo Split
Gold Strike Tunica

7:00 PM – $60 No-Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament “Blinds Only”
Horseshoe Tunica

Some Tunica Poker Reviews:
Best current rooms?
Horseshoe and Goldstrike would be your best bet. Both of the rooms are larger and have plenty of space to get around. I think Harrah’s is a little more tight in terms of how the tables are packed in. Just the other day, there was a guy to my right who was in one of those motorized wheelchairs and both he and I had plenty of room.

Oh No ! The Roadhouse poker room has closed ??
I’m bringing a vanload of 6 guys down for a few days of poker and we always enjoyed their mondo-goofball late night sunday tourney. Plus – it was the only place I’ve seen where you could order a pitcher of beer for yourself at a poker table.

tunica-poker-logo1For whatever reason, the Tunica poker business is picking up. Last night, there were three 2/5 games going and a 5/10 game going, with at least 15 or so 1/2 (3) games going among the three major casinos. There was also a 3/6 game going, several 4/8′s and I think Harrah’s was spreading an 8/16 game. In addition, waiting lists were super long at one point.

I would chop it up to the various concerts in town last night, but it was like this last weekend as well.

Tunica, as a whole, seems to be picking it up. You couldn’t find a spot at a roulette table last night.

I heard that Samstown woes are continuing though. The latest rumor is that they are closing the pit games at midnight and not opening them up until noon the next day. That is a bad sign.

Obviously we are pleased to have you visit. The Shoe is going to have nlhe larger than 1-3. They will also have middle limit HE Wednesday thru Saturday (Sunday) being 15-30 to 20-40. They have a 1-5 spread limit stud game daily. Friday evening Harrah’s has been spreading 7.5-15 limit.

Originally Tunica built 9 casinos with the gaming space and hotels to support business from the surrounding ~15+ states. Although business has not been what it once was, we still have plenty of options available. The Shoe has an asian gaming pit complete with restaurant. There is no shortage of craps tables nor video poker, although you may have to shop around to find the payout machine you’re looking for. (Perhaps someone knows the specifics here?)

As far as cautions… I generally recommend the six foot strategy for craps (Stand at least six feet away from the table) but seriously, I think you will find your trip a pleasant one and the hospitality of Tunica well above average.

Someone has to be at the bottom of the totem pole, in Tunica that would be the Hollywood poker room. With six tables and a whole bunch of regulars playing $3/$6 for the 20 hour a week freeroll, well you get the picture. They do run sit-n-gos everyday and I have seen these go off hourly almost every day. During latest week of room-hopping in Tunica the bad beat jackpot (quads beaten) was over $95,000. One of my favorite dealers on the planet deals at Hollywood, nice to see you Rudie! Last complaint about the Hollywood, the entire casino is smoky and even though the poker room is smoke free, there is always a haze of smoke hanging over the tables. Tournaments at The Hollywood run everyday of the week the lead event runs twice a day at 10 AM and 6 PM, is a $65 in the morning and $115 in the evening. There is an additional event at 7 PM most weekday evenings with a different buy-in each day. Hollywood events are populated by a lot of regulars, who know each other’s games quite well; it’s a good idea to lay it down to the lady in the black hat when everyone else does. Review originally appeared on PokerNews.com.

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